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Hi, I'm Elle from Stiletto Wheels where I write about my dramatic lifestyle change from a Life On Heels To Wheels.

My personal experience of life change has led me to create the Plus Black blog where, as well as having some esoteric style and fashion fun (see +Black Illustrated), I am mostly passionate about sharing ideas, and resources, on stylish product that might interest women who, like me, are experiencing one or more of the many different types of, normal and abnormal, physical lifestyle change that will probably affect all our lives at some point.

As we all know, life constantly imposes change upon us - we age, shift to portfolio careers, retire, struggle with weight and brutal medication regimes, develop minor and major illnesses, possibly with dexterity and motor impairments ... and if it's not us, it happens to those close to us. Such lifetime change is entirely normal but what a shock it can be, not least in the effect it has on our style, self confidence and life activity.

Oddly to some, many of us find that, if you have a style aesthetic, enforced physical change does not, in the longer term, render the concepts of quality, style and life change as oxymoronic. Or, it wouldn't, if we were able to source products - clothing, accessories, aids and equipment - that accommodate both style aspirations and physical necessities. For fifteen years, I’ve been looking, extensively, for such items ... with some success ... but, more often than not, failure.

My conclusion: women who are plus size, older than 40, have some minor/major physical impairment, illness or just need stylish, comfortable clothes that work for a multi-tasking life don’t have a lot of fun shopping for the things they need either online or in the high street. It adds insult to injury that propelled into uncontrollable life change 'au natural’ (Botox, cosmetic surgery, exercise - all impossible for many), those of us needing the most help, are the least welcome by our major retailers?  

Wouldn't it be great to find, and swap resources with, women who, like us, live lives that are less than perfect and want to do so in their own individual style? Sonia Rykiel who has had Parkinson’s Disease for many years says in her book:

My own style has not changed in 40 years, no matter how tired or ill I feel. I try to wear dark green, dark brown, dark navy, but I prefer black. I hate wasting time getting dressed. I like to put something on and just think: "Yes. That's it." When I'm tired I like to dress very simply…

Stylish clothing - and other product - that is easy to wear, comfortable, in natural fabrics, in the right size and in black for the moments when your lifestyle changes and your confidence needs a boost shouldn't be rocket science. Nevertheless, it is surprisingly hard to source if you don't fit a young, slim, healthy, fashionable profile.

The Plus Black blog exists to seek out information, ideas and resources that will inspire and enable grown-up women to transition life change with confidence by adapting their own individual style whilst helping others like them do the same.

If this might be you or someone you know or you have inspiration, ideas, experience or knowledge about:

Talk to me. I am passionate about sharing information that will inspire us in designing, sourcing and supplying clothing, accessories and aids that incorporate the style, design and quality that makes us all feel good when our lives, and our lifestyle, are changing about us.

I welcome all your suggestions so get in touch using any of the social media below or sign up to the +Black blog to hear the latest. I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you and best wishes, Elle.

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